Friday, November 7, 2008

Yay First Post!!

First post of a brand new blog! It feels like another adolescent dear diary moment. I love the crisp papery goodness of a new diary. Alas, this is a lot easier to share and oh so grown up. Maybe. Probably not.

So what's going on here do you ask?  Good question. Great question actually. I'm pleased to tell you that I have naught a clue, well maybe a few, but overall I'm excited to share whatever I want to with you on this blog. My adventures of -oh so- exciting graphic design, my knitting projects and disasters, and maybe even a cupcake recipe or two. Lets just call this the whimsical whatever I want blog. Only not so lame. Oh I don't know. 

Now let us address this "Beauty to Earth" gig.  My greatest and deepest desire is to do anything to make this place better, prettier, smarter, more loving and peaceful, kind and thoughtful, exciting, pure and childlike even. I feel called to all these things. Lots of times I fail - these things don't come naturally to a very self centered me, but there are some small glorious moments like when my son waddles over to me and says "book please" (sounds a lot more like "bobby") and plops into my lap. And I know this place got a little prettier. Even if I am the only one who saw it.

SO, to my followers, umm I mean Mom. Love you and look for more!


Anonymous said...

Yay, I love this. You are brilliant. I see God doing big thing through this little business of ours, Love you BFF... Best Freakin Friend :)

tobyandjessie said...

woot! i'm gunna follow your blog because you're just so dang talented...tobes and i have a blogspot too about our happenings....we'll it's mostly mine because i am a bit more talkative/lingual, haha, surprise, surprise. i miss seeing you and your beautiful family!

Beauty to Earth said...

Thanks Guys! You are the best!