Monday, January 26, 2009

Baby Karoline's Sweater

So many things went wrong with this sweater. Let's take a walk through shall we?

1. I suck at math. I went to buy the yarn and apparently I can't add yards because I was about 400 YARDS OFF!!!
2. Did not realize the above problem until I ran out of yarn and thought it should indeed have both sleeves.
3. Freaked out because of 1 and 2 which led to 3 : OH MY GOSH I BOUGHT THAT YARN ON THE OTHER SIDE OF TOWN AND THE SHOWER IS IN THREE DAYS OH MY GOSH! (not necessarily exact quote)
4. In my attempt to magically increase the amount of yarn I don't have, forget to bind off the neck. Now have sweater with one sleeve and no place to put one's head. Have totally defeated the purpose of a sweater.
4. Decided I'm not going to the shower. No one can make me.
5. Yes someone can make me and her name is Mom. Ok. Must find more yarn.
6. YAY! Mom said she would pick up the yarn and bring it to me if I call the store and ask them to set it aside.
7. Called store. Only have 2 skeins left. Need 4. Hmmmm
8. Mom calls. Is pissed. Just pulled up to store. Are Closed.
9. Two days until shower. Load up the honey facer. Drive across town, pick up last 2 skeins.
10. Frog last 2 days work, to bind off the neck stitches so baby can breathe/see.
11. Something looks wrong. Bound off neck stitches all wanky. Definitely not centered. That babies head is hopefully growing out of her left shoulder. Otherwise there is no chance this thing will fit. Crap.
12. Frogging
13. Yes! Neck hole is centered. Both arms are there, and same size. Totally going to get this thing done in time!
14. Crap again. Almost out of yarn. Again. Must knit tight and ration precious yardage.
15. Whew! Out of yarn but think I fudged it enough to make it work. Must sew seams and sew button on.
16. Button is on. Lets try it out. Wait. Where is the button hole?!!!??
17. In attempt to ration yarn forgot to make button hole.
18. Have reverted back to #4.
19. Remembered Mom. Shudder.
20.I'm a genius! Ribbon is the answer. Shower is tomorrow, but so sleepy. so so sleepy. Will lay down for a spell.
21. CRAPCRAPCRAP must meet mom in 30 minutes to make it to shower. Have no ribbon, sweater is slightly damp from blocking, and have no wrapping paper. Think baby will like christmas bobble paper?
22. Got ribbon. Must stuff though a couple of stitches and make work. Huh. Looks kind of sweet.
23. At shower. Katie opens. Does not realize I made it. Sets down and starts opening another gift. Mom stops her and points out that I MADE the sweater. Ultimate compliment : she thought it came from Baby Gap!!!
24. Success!!

Monday, January 5, 2009



I was freaking out because I thought my amaryllis was going to bloom while we were at the cabin for Christmas, and I tried to bring it with us, but Shaul laid down the law. He's tough. : ) Lucky for me, it bloomed the day we got back, and I get to enjoy the flowers for an entire 2 weeks!

Also, please note the before and after shots. Stunning, I'm sure...