Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Sneak Peek of Vanessa's Flourish Photography Site!

I couldn't help but share a little something from Vanessa's photography website. This tasty morsel is her start page. What I love about this site is how much it reflects her as an individual and as an artist. She has such a love for that feminine vintage home-madey goodness, as well as clean modern colors and text. Vanessa has such a talent for all things creative, and does about everything she can to put her ideas to paper! She hand crafts these incredibly detailed scrapbooks, thoughtful paintings, and gorgeous photographs! 

So anyways, back to the site description : the photograph is just a place holder for now, but when its all built her favorite photos will run on a slide show in the frame. I think the frame screams of an old fashioned scrapbook. Also, its really hard to see in this tiny image, but in the background there are these beautifully dainty dahlias that i drew goofing around one day. So cool! Im really excited to get this site live!

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flourishstudio said...

I am so excited! Ahhhh, it's looking so perfect! I posted a blog on Dizzle just now. Trying to catch up!