Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sneak Peek of my Flourish Graphic Design Site!

SO.... I wasn't going to share this just yet, but I can't help it! AGHH!
This is the home page for my personal portion of the new Flourish Design Studio website. So completely different from Vanessa's site but so very very Emily.  The design element is something I whipped up in Illustrator (look familiar?) I guess you could call it my interpretation of a peacock feather, because thats what I was getting at, and this is what came out! I never have been good at literal drawing, but I think this works. I'm really obsessing with dirty yellows and yummy reddish purple. So beautiful! No more peeks now, you all will have to wait! : )

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The Murdocks said...

wow I love how the sites are turning out....