Thursday, November 13, 2008

Its time to brand Bloom!

Bloom, our church in downtown Denver, is such a supportive community for artists.  I have met and enjoyed so many people who worship through the arts, and truly desire to make Denver a more beautiful place. I feel so blessed to be surrounded by such an amazing community of friends and believers!

With that said, we had a meeting last night and we decided that the building we meet in, The Grant Ave Community Center, needs a little sprucing up. Since we don't own the building, anything we do has to be easily moved. Therefore, we decided we needed a few hand painted signs. So cool! So Lisa Gungor (amazing vocalist and worship leader), Dave Pendleton (portrait artist who paints unbelievable portraits), and yours truly are coming together to get some signs done! 

So here's what I have whipped up. Keep in mind these are very basic mock ups, so I need all the feedback I can get. Lisa and Dave create such incredible things, and I want to impress them... : ) argh I'm so lame sometimes! Anyways, I drew this tree with the intentions of using it for the new Flourish site, but just couldn't make it work. I'm glad I didn't because I like it for Bloom so much more. Hopefully they feel the same way. I would love to see Dave get it into his hands and make it incredible!


The Murdocks said...

I vote the middle bloom!!!

your talent amazes me!

Zachary and Brynn said...

I like the logo! The middle one stands out the most to me. When i saw this I had to laugh because Zach and I were talking about if I ever start up my own photography business I wanted to call it Full Bloom Photography! We will see...How funny! Well it look great! :o)

nateandmegan said...

Hey Em! I knew you were talented, but WOW!! This is amazing stuff. I like the top one. Hope you are well.

HarpersGmo said...

Love 'em all. I'm wondering what it would be like to make one small leaf green on the grey one..kind of a come to life statement.