Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Saturn Flowers

Here is my first attempt at redrawing all of my little doodles. I like to call these "Saturn Flowers" because I think they kind of resemble Saturn's Rings. I think they could make a really great textile, or just one of them would be a super cool logo. I used an adaptation of one for my new banner, and I'm totally digging it!

On a more personal level, Harper had his first bad accident tonight!  He tripped and hit his upper lip on the corner of the coffee table (OUCH!). It was so heartbreaking. And Scary. His mouth was full of blood, and it was gushing everywhere! Luckily no stitches. So we cleaned him up and let him flip the light switch a few times, and he was back to his old self! I'm still shaken up though!

I'll try and post one more time before Thanksgiving, and then we are going up to the Cabin for a few days of board games and internet-less-ness!

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Meghan Petty said...

These look great! They go with the same feel as Amy Butler, which you mentioned previous, and I love her look and feel as well! Keep it up! Hope to see you on some fabric that I can use!