Friday, November 21, 2008

Amy Butler's Midwest Modern

I have such a girl-crush on Amy Butler! And I especially love her book Midwest Modern!

I finally got this book from my local library (I ALWAYS check books out before I buy). Let's just say this book has definitely made the "must purchase" list. Here are a few reason's why:

1) It is full of incredibly original design.
Plain and simply said, She designs what she likes. There is so much freedom in design that is made for one's own pleasure, not to simply make money.
2) There are TONS of beautiful photographs showcasing her designs in everyday use. 
Her equally talented husband, David Butler, shot all of the photographs for the book. Most of which are of their own home.  Bottom line is, I admire a designer who loves their design so much that it has a prominent place in their own home. Amy's fabric is on hundreds of surfaces in their home, which says so much more than any "set" could.

I took a few low quality snap shots of some of my favorite patterns ( I could LIVE in those bottoms!), and one of her beautiful sitting room. Please enjoy, and please find a way to thumb through this book on your own. You will understand, and perhaps even share my new crush! : ) (ps I love you Shaul!!)

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