Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh Mr. Lincoln Rhyme

Dearest Lincoln,

Oh how your books have become my guiltiest pleasure. The sheer magnitude of devouring 3 novels in 2.5 weeks may very well prove this to be true.

I first read The Coffin Dancer, and while I still think this is the silliest of title's, I must admit that for days after reading this, I suspected nearly everyone of being a hired hitman. No one was exempt. I will admit that this feeling of suspicion has mostly subsided ... although my neighbor is not quite out of the woods.

So I have to admit, I dont really understand your relationship with Miss Sachs. Now, I will be the first to admit I completely, and purposefully, skipped 'The Bone Collector.' Lets be real, I have seen the movie, (who hasn't), and the delightful signature "Deaver" twist has been forever ruined. A Jeffery Deaver novel, without the delicious "holycrapineversawthatcoming!!!" end is like coffee without cream, sex without the big 'O' - it's good, but just not as good as it could be. You get the point. That being said, unless I become a die hard Deaver fan, which is a definite possibility, I will probably not read 'The Bone Collector'. Man I wish I could take that movie back.

Anyways, Back to Miss Sachs. I get the feeling that A LOT happens between books, and I even kind of like that. I think it makes our heroes much more realistic. BUT, I have to admit, I thought I missed a book or two between 'The Coffin Dancer' and 'The Empty Chair', even though I repeatedly checked the order of the series on Wikipedia. Hence, the double and triple checking of my Oh so reliable source.

I feel like you, Mr. Rhyme, and Miss Sachs have the most uncommon sort of relationship. Casual and uncertain, yet fully committed in the sense of not seeing anyone else and having children and whatnot. This I do not understand. For someone to not fully admit a relationship with someone, and yet try for a child with this same person, has sent me to a new level of confusion, and ultimately disbelief. Perhaps Mr.Deaver will write some novels that fill us in on the going ons in between.

Dearest Rhyme, more to come, especially on "The Empty Chair"

I am proud to say, that Roquefort, our new little kitty, has chose to endorse these books. Officially Roquefort Approved!


PS - Please excuse the backwards Titles on the books, and thanks again to Photobooth.

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