Monday, February 2, 2009

Estate Sale PART DUO

OKAY. So, more pics. The small business that organizes these sales has a site that can be found here. Super nice people.

It is still weird to me that people spend a lifetime accumulating things, only to lose them all anyways. I'm completely guilty. I have so many things that I absolutely don't need, and yet I keep bringing in new things. Sigh. But I really do enjoy collecting things that were purchased and adored by someone in another lifetime. There is something so precious about it.

The dishes are truly remarkable. Made in the 60s or 70s and the design is still totally relevant today. The tiny painting of the tree caught my eye, but what I found on the back broke my heart. Something about the woman hiding against the wall all these years really broke me. Truly innocent and beautiful.


Margaret said...
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Margaret said...

When is the sale? Did you buy the dishes because if you didn't I want to. Also, Sarah needs some head shots done in studio. Do you do these? Talk to you soon.

Dave said...

Emily, you should bring the hidden woman painting to the Bloom art show. That is a haunting picture.