Friday, December 5, 2008

Hello Christmas!

So, after mourning my loss of Thanksgiving for a few days, I picked myself up by the boot straps (okay, a little dramatic) and dug out the Christmas decorations.  I must admit, I feel way better!
Shaul's sis Tiffany lent us her tree this year, and I managed to scrounge up enough stuff to call it decorated. I must say that I'm freaking awesome because it only cost us $6 to decorate this tree! Everything else I made, or stripped from something else I bought ages ago (note the strands of Capice Shells - They were snipped of one of those tacky curtain rods you hang in your doorway!)

The garland I dug out of my Mom's trash last year, and the yarn hanging from it I bought last year at Unique Thrift Store in Aurora, and re-dyed it. Since its not the softest yarn, I had no plans with it, so for now it looks great with the garland! I love decorating with yarn! :) (Sorry about the cluttered kitchen shot, not my proudest moment!)

Finally, the paper trees are something I made the other day while Shaul was working and The Honey-Facer was napping. Not at all how I planned them, but I'm still relatively pleased. I don't even know what that means, I just really feel its like something grown-ups say.


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flourishstudio said...

You are AMAZING. I miss you and I so need to come over and see that freaking sweet tree! I love it!